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Ждем продолжение игры

Может, и дождемся, кто знает?

Я знаю. Мне лень фоны дорисовывать)
Примерно на 80 процентов готово, фоны нужно доделать и перевести на инглиш

Давай на русском хотя бы хе-хе.

Особенно мне, как ВИП персоне, за Патреон, который сдох к сожалению, сначала карты сдохли а потом и сам патреон...((

Слишком запутанная и загадочная история, очень интересно понять чем дело продолжиться 


On android, I'm having problems exiting the keyboard mode after I'm done with the name.



Furries have taken over itch

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So I am a bit confused.  Last couple times I've tried to play through it, I attempted to create a more brawler oriented character.  I ended up with Gunn as travel companion and some reason our character comes off way to passive/soft on that route despite the means of getting on it involves 'succeeding' in a fight.  Is that intended?   Also there is some weirdness where when you wake up in the car it'll mention your character having burns if they didn't even go into the fire, but fought the wolf instead.

The burn and fight situation, that's a really good note. I missed it, already fixed and will be in the next update. It's normal for Gunn to be more gentle, he's not a bad character, but he has trouble holding back his anger. This will show up later. Thanks for the feedback.

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Yeh Gunn is fine, just meant with how the interactions are with our character and other characters like the rabbit.  Kinda ends up sounding like our character forgot the hardness and survival instincts that they was first mentioned as having in opening scene as part of living in that world.  Not sure if that was intended or not though.  Possible there is story elements to explain it that I haven't seen or I didn't pick up on.  Or maybe I am misinterpreting/thinking about it the wrong way?    Anyways Thanks  Glad the bit though about the fire was helpful.  I hope my asking this was ok


Waiting for the new update, i love the characters and concept... Well, i been here from the begining so this love carries on.

Nah, can you please make "Boosty" for me to donate? Since Patreon (for ReAsOnS) died and i wanna to continue support development of the game


Hello Kotik. You are my favorite subscriber :D The update will not be soon... I have some text. But the game will again be divided into 2 parts. I would not want to release one part, leaving the second completely empty. I can tell you inside. The game will have a casino and a minigame, based on the player's intelligence. I think it's pretty fun.

About donations. I can only say that I am a terrible and irresponsible manager. I don't know how to advertise and manage money. The person who helped me with the patreon, convinced me to create it and helped lead it, left me.


Oh, that's great to hear! :3 (Hehe, I'm favorite)   It's okay, I will wait until the end of times. Yeeeeah, my smart-ass dog finally will able to use his gigantic brain to his full potential with that Minigame

Ouch... Sad to hear that, but you can try on your own, it's can be a great experience for the future. If I remember correctly, it's not that hard, especially "boosty". I can ask my friends about it if you need. (And to be fair, I really don't go support for special content, it's great bonus and all, but main reason - helping out projects that I find interesting and promising)

My potatoe pc doesn't want to open the damn game, help (It says ''Does not respond'')


I love this ! I want to see how it ends so badly ! The characters are well designed, their personalities too, which make this game amazing ! The fact that there is still some action needed in the keyboard is also very nice. I don't see that so often, so it's always a pleasur to see that you can still interact with the game. Plus there is choices that matters, in a way. So yes, i enjoyed the game, and i can't wait to see the next update ! 

Is there any discord, patreon, or ko-fi account in which i could support the game ? 

Thanks you for your amazing work, and don't give up !



I can't get out of the splash screen where we make our character. crashes whenever I try to type the name.

Hello! I think i'm having problem with the game, i can't see any save button?


Hello. Try opening the hidden menu. This is an arrow. To the left of the portrait and to the right of the text. For some reason I can't attach a picture.

Oh yeah thanks!, is it just me that i can't enter my name anymore? Cause the first time i can enter the name, but i couldn't enter the name on the second time.

Rusty Punk haves autosave function? Because when i play im lazy dont wanna save game but wanna why game doesn't saves auto?)

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I wanna ask how to make the game run better on android as its impossible to kill the 5 raiders since the scope takes so long load and you mostly are able to get one kill if lucky 2.

(1 edit)

This is a good question, I want to change the gameplay of this mini-game for Android for a long time. I'll try to fix it.


Thanks for the update! Missed so much the two hot boys Ron and Gunn


Yas finally update 💅💅💅


Hyena Chan looks very cheerful :D

love him


When is the next update?


Completed two new days of story update, and small fixes of the old text, added sfx sounds and small fixes. Now the update is in the translation stage. The update will be this month. It will be very interesting.


Awesome! It's good to know this vn project isn't dead!

Very rust punk-y indeed. I loved it so far, but there is still room for improvements. What I disliked about the VN was the buggy rides. You seemed to use it as a pause from the action so you can better explain the characters and places of your world, and something about how that was delivered made it feel like a boring chore to read through. This is just an idea, but what if you had the MC dream about those moments, so instead of 'explaining' things to the reader, we could live through them ourselves from the MC's perspective?

In my opinion, as a reader, I do not like long moments where the writer dumps information about their world and characters/events. These notes should be kept to the writer and then thought of a fun or exciting way to show the reader those things, rather than explain it to the readers like it was a lesson and the VN is the classroom. It is interesting, dont get me wrong, but information dumps suck when you are the reader who expects something a little more, in terms of standards.

Good luck and please keep it up. I really enjoyed this VN and cant wait to see what happens next.

I agree with you. Now we have changed the author of the text. It won't happen again. The text in the car is already shortened.

Hope to read the next update soon <3

Just finished the demo and I am excited for more! This game has a lot of potential <3

yep ) do u understand some referenses to Russian Life in Rusty Punk some films


Just finished playing this demo, very interesting.  Wish the rabbit came along for the ride, thought he was hunky.

Did you get to see his real nature? Or let’s say his secret?

Just started this game the other day. I'm intrigued to continue to see the world develop and I love the art of the scenes and characters!


Thanks for the feedback, it's very nice :)

i cant buy it .. <.< something wrong paypal


I love this vn! The art in this vn from the characters to the backgrounds are beautiful! I love Gunn so much and I can't wait to see more of him


Thank you very much! Gunn is also my favorite character :))


This VN is AWESOME I like it. I was a little biased at first, but when I played it, I realized that it was really beautiful. Since the game is new (at least I think so), it's normal that there are no cutscenes pictures, but you explained it as best you could (as description). Like I said, it's a good game. Minigames aren't very difficult. Anyone can do it. My rating for this game is 10/10. I wish you continued success. I'm following


Yeeeees I love this game!! Been so long since the last update thanks a lot!!


Thank you very much. I am very pleased that someone likes my work. This motivates to keep going!

Of course. I love this game, I've been following since day 1.

I'm intrigued I must say.. I can totally relate to the MCs personality, really an intellectual and a poet. 

Seriously.. your character is really POETIC. Too poetic, his dialogues are really something, and it confuses me sometimes. Is this because I spent most of my points into his Intellect? 

eyy, how do you play the punch punch minigame???

i keep dying


guy just calm down and try again its normal game with nor,al difficult
u play games like that before?

rusty punk is the first VN i played that has that kind of minigame... 

i mainly play VNs and rythmgames..


for the one with guss and the arrows follow where you see the fist, it confused me at first too, and for the other one later you have to click the fists fast enough


thnxx.. <3


there's (at least from what i know on the windows and mac version) there's a number at the top right corner that you want to go to 0

If mini-games cause you difficulty, then you can turn it off with a tick when creating a character. You can also pump Agility and Strength, this will facilitate the passage of mini-games by adding extra time to them or reducing the number of hits required. Hope this helps you. Good luck.


I deleted and downloaded it again. Then tried swapping from jackal to fox but keep getting this screen.


(1 edit) (+1)

As soon as prologue ends I got nothing but continuous error messages. After smashing ignore about 60 times I saw a flicker of another character with a choice but it went right back to the error screen. Playing in English on Android version.

Hmmm... Just downloaded and tested. I don't have errors. We can ask other players if they have experienced this.

Do you have screenshots to understand what the problem is?

I also have this problem. I just found this game and tried to play it, but error after character creation.

Same problem with him,im new to this game and the game gave me that i tried re downloading but it still the same. Hope you could fix this problem

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I found this issue. This is a problem for the tablet version. I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

The new version has been uploaded. Please let me know if the problem is solved.

will there be a new update soon if you can give an answer

i think update is coming soon early


Is this game still being updated?

yep very soon

never mind if there was an indication where to press the button to attack the rabbit it would be easier

Rabbit mini game very difficult has decorate where to click

Minigames are easy

How customisable is the protagonist?

(1 edit) (+4)

I'd love to play but all the buttons have annoyingly small hit boxes where I'm unable to even hit start game despite hitting the start game multiple times. 

Kind of annoying and i haven't gotten past start.

Editing to add, I'm sure it's a good game so I'm not going to give a star rating until this can be fixed and i can actually play since i know game developing is tough, and adding a good story and art is also tough so i don't want to ruin the potential of the game.


Hello there, а теперь… ни слова по-английски :)

Интересная история с не менее интересными персонажами. Очень приятно читать о размышлениях главного героя, его рассказах о прошлом, детстве (отдельная благодарность за Итана, очень вкусно читалось). На русском новелла читается более живее и красочнее (что не удивительно, русский очень подходит при описании всего, что тут твориться). Персонажи – просто секс (белый шоколад навсегда в моём сердце).

Теперь к небольшим очепяткам:

Во время пути Гунна он говорит: «Выздоравливает в городе. Рон позабориТся о ней».

Во время пути Рона действия «Оказать сотрудничество» и «Не оказывать сотрудничества» перепутаны местами (в английской версии всё правильно)

Спасибо за вашу проделанную работу, продолжайте в том же духе, ру-комьюнити следит за вами!


Really well written. Got to lay with Gunn and I ended up wanting more. I really like the background music as well.

It's bound to happen

you forgot a space XD

'my liver tremblesunpleasantly,....'
took me a while , at first i thought it was 1 word and was like , what the hell is that suppose to mean XD , i even tried googling it before i realised....
'trembles unpleasantly'

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