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Embark on a dangerous adventure, overcome all the difficulties of survival in the post-apocalypse world. Create your own unique character and make friends.
And try not to die in a world full of danger!

Project director: Hroft32

Thanks for the help in creating the project: VELIAL1987

This is a demo version of the game. Updates are scheduled once a month. English is not my native language, so don't judge strictly, this is just the first version. We will definitely correct all errors.

Attention! Game rating 18+, contains adult (M/M) content

Join a sandy world soaked through with caked blood, and all this against the backdrop of fame and adventure!


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Rusty_punk-1.0B-pc.zip 195 MB
Rusty_punk-1.0B-mac.zip 224 MB
Rusty_punk-1.0B-linux.tar.bz2 220 MB
Rusty_punk-1.0B-universal-release.apk 252 MB

Development log


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I downloaded the game on android. The keyboard keeps popping up at the character design screen. I couldn't customise my character


When is this going to be updated?


The update will be in a week, or monday, but there isn't much new text. About 12 pages

Unfortunately, the update will be postponed for some time. The text is finished. But I do not expect that the translation will take some time.

Вау, многообещающе начало! Буду следить за игрой. Удачи сценаристам и остальным членам команды ^^
Очень рад, что русский поддерживается, спасибо :з

So, the mini-game/incident with the hyena, how do you play that one?


When the fist is on one side you have to press the arrow on the side the fist is on (fist on the left, press left, fist on the right, press right). If the fist points towards you, press up. If it points up, press down.

You can use the cursor keys for this (it makes it so much easier).

BTW. This one baffled me for a while before I figured it out and I still find it rather confusing.

Thanks a lot, I'm sure many found this to be a big help. I don't think I would have had the patience to figure it. Dx


I can't get past typing my name on my android phone. Please help!


Android Version don't work. I can't start and make my characters. My keyboard opens to type my name... But u can't close it again.... Please fix


ohhh... ohhh! look at that hot daddys... grrrrr.... cant wait to play it

Huh??? no new.....😑

Wow, really interesting so far! I'm really enjoying what's going on. However, whenever I launch the game, the text speed resets to a default speed, which is pretty slow, so I have to change the text speed whenever I launch. Anyone else experiencing this?

Great game, if you like typing. Couldn't get farther than the name editor on android. All those megabytes are worthless if I can't do anything but type in the name slot. Can't even hit enter, nothing happens.

This is replacement for B101.

Not really... the writers are different. But I hope that it will turn out no worse and the case will be brought to an end  ^_^

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Yeah i hope so.. good luck with the work and ur art have improved a lot.

Воу! Мне приятно видеть очередную игру с русским языком (не нужно напрягать свой мозг по поводу понятия смысла и т.д.). К тому же повествование ведется интересно и даже интригующе, однако я не мог не пройти мимо нескольких ошибок, которые врезались мне в глаза и не дают покоя. Сразу хочу сказать: я могу высказываться, как вам может показаться, грубо, но я всего лишь хочу не видеть этих ошибок... и да, заранее прошу прощения. 

Итак, начинаем. Первая ошибка, которая меня покорёбила - это "по-серьезнее". Правильным будет написание "посерьезнее" поскольку, постольку это наречие пишется без суффикса ому (ему) (если они есть и есть приставка "по", то да, мы пишем приставку через дефис, например: по-одному, по-простому).

Второй момент - это лишняя запятая в предложении, оканчивающееся так: "... и лишь я да лучи солнца видят меня в этом состоянии". У вас между местоимением "я" и союзом "да" (который используется в значении "и") стоит запятая, являющаяся определенно лишней. Надеюсь, не стоит объяснять, почему она лишняя... да? :)

В-третьих, в предложении "Весь цикл порядка "Убей-умри" я наблюдал, начиная с завтрашнего дня и заканчивая сегодняшним" я нашел сразу две ошибки: первая - вы не поставили запятую перед начала деепричастного оборота ("начиная ..."); вторая - как можно начинать наблюдение завтра и заканчивать сегодня? О,о Это, честно, ввело меня в ступор.

Четвертый момент, который мне запомнился - лишняя запятая при перечислении действий в предложении, заканчивающемся так: "... нанести первый удар и попробовать сбежать". Если бы вы при перечислении использовали союз "и", относящийся к перечисляемым действиям, где-нибудь еще, то да, необходима была бы запятая. А так... она не нужна.

И, наконец, в-пятых, в предложении, в котором есть следующие слова: "... столов, коих тут было в избытке...", слово в "избытке" идет в разрез со смыслом всего предложения и вообще всей обстановки в трактире мистера Смитта. Дело в том, что слово "избыток" означает "много чего-либо", однако ГГ, проснувшись, обнаруживает, что у мистера Смитта полным-полно народу, и поэтому свободных столов в избытке быть не может. Вам стоит переделать это предложение, чтобы оно вписывалось во все повествование:)

Фууух... это вроде все. Надеюсь, что это было единственными ошибками, которые вы допустили с точки зрения русского языка :)

Еще раз скажу, что мне безумно понравилось как повествование, так и графическая составляющая. И надеюсь, что вы услышите мои слова и исправите ошибки:)

Спасибо за игру!:D


The keyboard gets in the way on the Android version. Is there any way you can fix that


Try spamming the return button on your phone and then hold it, or just hold the return button and press other things with your other hand. Works for me. 

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Just change the keyboard mode to floating and you can move it out of the way

I actually forgot about that lol

how do you do that though. I'm having the same problem and haven't been able to play.

As example I can't enable the floating mode. Cause it's disabled in this game.

any chance you will add more options for the character creator. I would love a reptile of some kind. aside from that so far its pretty good. 

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No, new characters are not planned. Clothes and jewelry are possible. But for each new character, the work increases significantly. I have to draw a lot of heads with emotions (about 8) and three types of body for the head.


Not NPC characters I mean the starting character. The one you can some what customize. You gave multiple opinions for canine and feline and even a gorilla but nothing for us scalies. 

Приятно видеть отечественную новеллу) Кстати, будет ли страничка на Патреоне? Я с радостью поддержал бы проект.

Ого не думал встретить русский комент) 


will you make a french version ?

This is possible if there is a translator

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i am interested in your games but i have to wait for your android version.  but i have a question what is your native language and would you make a version of the games in that language?

Yes, the original language is Russian, the language in the game is switched


Overall I think this VN has potential. Only real problem I see so far is the English. While the English is easy to interpret, the wording is very strange and needs work. Looking forward to what you can do with this VN!



I will try to do it in the next month, there is an opportunity, tests are needed.

I hope everything goes well ^-^


Everything has already been done, presumably on Sunday everything will be in the public domain.

i was worried after b101 became quiet, glad to see you're doing alright! love the new game ^.^


Hey Good to see you making something new. It's kinda sad that B101 didn't make it. Anywho you got a good demo  rightnow. Also There's a comunity discord server for furry vn, have you join yet ?

no, haven't heard

Would you like to join ? Dev and reader are there if you want to here feedback more regularly. And you can ask other dev for help if you like!

I'm too antisocial, I'm afraid that I'll just read and be silent :)

It's ok to lurk too. I'll just leave the link here if you ever want to join https://discord.gg/GFjSPkh

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Really good start here! Love the character designs. The writing can be a bit purple prose-y at times, but not enough for me to have put the game down. May just want to tune that down a notch. Otherwise, it's a really good translation! 

A few specific things that need a bit of tweaking:

  •  At the beginning of the game, you have "Nevertheless, work whis Travis, a local freek..." I believe the words should be "with" and "freak". In the same block of text, there should be a comma after "bloodstained hands" and before the "and".
  • Soon after, you have the phrase "while I was disconnected after the blow". You may want to use unconscious instead, as it looks less weird in context. Disconnected typically is paired with words like "from reality"
  • You have the sentence "Stink, {besides clause}, was not. I would insert a "there" before the "was not" part.  If you put the sentence in typical order, you would say "There was no stink", thus you still need that "there".
  • "I would definitely have discovered me" : replace with It
  • "yet it still pulls unpleasantly..." rest of the sentence is in past tense, so consider "pulled"
  • In the paragraph starting with "The strength of my paws", you suddenly switch from 1st to 3rd to 1st person. I would keep it consistent and replace "he's" and "his" with "I" and "my". 
  • The next paragraph, you have "measured steps that were heard", switching to passive voice randomly. I would say "My immersion.....steps that I heard...."
  • "What if a gang buddy Tavriy comes here": It should be "of Tavriy's" as it shows possession/affiliation  
  • I would end the phrase "There was no point in getting up" with a semicolon instead of a comma . Also replace "only" with "just" 
  • The line "...and I could not even figure out the approximate outlines of my personality" feels out of place. Consider removing it or making it fit better in context.
  • What's with the <<eggs in a vise>> bit? Do you mean something like: "life in the wasteland teaches one to live like eggs in a vise; it is this skill...' ?
  • End the phrase "two meters from me" with a period instead of a comma. Also, change faces to face.
  • Exchange "Fate happened" with "Fate destined" or some equivalent.
  • Add a "the" between "to see" and "unknown guy" ; change "protecting from sand" to "protecting him from the sand"
  • Change "press me know" to "pin me now" or "hold me  now" or some equivalent
  • I'm not sure what is meant by "and a knife seeker at my ass"
  • I would look again at the section of text beginning with "Would you eat, wash..." I kinda get what he's saying, but it needs to be much clearer.

-----Will add more as I read---

Thank you very much for your feedback. I will fix it in the next update.

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Wait...is this from the same creator of B101 vn?

Yes, I'm a drawing artist at b101

YEEESSS!!!! I KNEW IT! I KNEW THAT YOU'RE COMING BACK!!! Btw, I'm a fan of B101 of yours but sadly there were no any update coming from the vn but now with this new vn I can continue admiring your art and supporting your vn even tho I'm broke :') *flies coming out from wallet*.... Anyway I really do love your artwork and I really do hope to see more of your artwork in the future. <3

Thank you so much ;)

Promising start for a new VN - Good art, interesting world and characters, maybe needs a little work on the translation but there's clearly a good story beneath it so it doesn't really matter to me.