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Embark on a dangerous adventure, overcome all the difficulties of survival in the post-apocalypse world. Create your own unique character and make friends.
And try not to die in a world full of danger!

Project director: Hroft32

Thanks for the help in creating the project: VELIAL1987

English is not my native language, so don't judge strictly, this is just the first version. We will definitely correct all errors.

Attention! Game rating 18+, contains adult (M/M) content

Join a sandy world soaked through with caked blood, and all this against the backdrop of fame and adventure!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(253 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
TagsBara, Dating Sim, Furry, Gay, LGBT, Post-apocalyptic
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Russian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen


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Rusty_punk-2.3Pre-android.apk 895 MB
Rusty_punk-2.3Pre-linux.tar.bz2 432 MB
Rusty_punk-2.3Pre-mac.zip 435 MB
Rusty_punk-2.3Pre-pc.zip 470 MB

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Hey, it won't let me install the game file? I'm trying to install it for android


I found two major bugs in the code:
1. During Ron's day 5, when you have to option to burn everything down, selecting not to burn it down instead jumps you back to an earlier point in the story.

2. The epilogue during the secret ending doesn't display properly.

Howw to shoot? God i always restart


I just started it. Who are my love interests?


Ughhh I feel like this could be a good story but it's SOOO hard to follow in English, almost none of it seems to make any sense and I can't understand AT ALL what's happening. I played before and I quit due to this exact reason. I re-downloaded hoping there were fixes, but no.. it's still just complete gibberish. Maybe if I could read Russian it would make more sense, but I can't :/


Maybe it gets better later in the game so I'll try to continue. But with my ADHD? At this point it's just nonsense..


I'm on android and I can't install the game... Help me🤧


Игра неплохая, поиграть стоит, но блин, ГГ просто не перестает думать о всякой хуйне! Там сюжет занимает меньше чем его внутренний треп!
Персонажи интересные и приятные, но вместо того чтобы их лучше раскрыть мы опять же видим размышления ГГ вообще о какой то левой хуйне.
Идея сюжета интересная, но концовка резкая и ничего особо не обясняет.

Мне кажется это первый проект автора, поэтому судить строго не стоит. Лично я очень рад, что есть встроенный русский язык, потому что с ним всё-таки легче читать и следить за движением истории. Возможно в будущем автор захочет переделать этот тайтл, когда вырастет в плане рассказчика :3


For anyone who opened it the first time and saw a bunch of Russian they couldn't understand, click the third button on the main menu to open the setting to switch the game to english

A problem: on high (8k) resolution screens, the cursor is reduced to a dot, and a grey dot at that. No playing with native cursor size or DPI settings fix this. Makes the Hroft fight impossible, so you die, every time.

probably you can reduce the resolution of the game by hanging around in geforce control panel?

Is there a way to save Tavriy and hroft or are they irredeemable jerks?


is there a walkthrough?

I don't know if anyone else has this problem but I'm stuck at the point where the main character, Ron and Massamoon find chips from the casino and decide to go there, but then nothing happens and I constantly repeat this dialogue. If anyone has experienced this I would appreciate some advice.

You may not have found all the clues.

This helped, thanks, but I had to install the PC version otherwise it would be a little tricky. But thanks anyway.


why do I always die at the motel


If someone still have a problem with the language just go to настройки (settings) and on the right side you have язык (language), select english.

Thank you so much I thought I was not gonna be able to play


Congrats on finishing!! Thank you for giving us an amazing story and art <3


I'm glad this project got an ending, thank you for sharing your work!

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finall is out and The author is going to update nsfw Scenes with art as well as bug fixes. 




Is this NSFW?



Hroft32, just wondering if this vn has been put on hiatus? I really enjoyed the read, even if there were some little pieces that could use a little ironing out.



How do I access the english translation of the game?


Way too many unnecessary descriptions, literally every line of direct speech is followed by three whole paragraphs of protagonist's thoughts and descriptions of surroundings. And to top it off, all characters are overly verbose and speak with too much pathos.

It wouldn't be a problem, but the VN also has timed responses and disabled rollback. That's just plain rude. I'll decide how I want to play. And if I don't get to decide - I just won't play. 

Dropped and advise everyone against playing. This VN is a bad read and it doesn't respect your time.

Or you're just insanely impatient.


Is this game finished or unfinished



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Overbose and too wordy? Indeed. But cheap poetry? No!

Honestly, I like how the author construct those sentences. The fact that English is not the developers' main language makes the story description sounds unique. It's an achievement on its own!

Then, about what everyone complained: too wordy. In my opinion, the problem is not the wordy itself, but more into the words' smithing. 

There are some description that seems unnecessary because they have nothing to do directly with the main character. Some of them also sounds a bit off because not properly inflicts a certain mood in a certain situation.

Too much information make me forgot why and what the main character do in the place and how's the atmosphere (mood) in there.

There's ways to make sentences sound poetic without being too wordy.

Or maybe this way of storytelling is just not my cup of tea? I'm not sure.

But for sure, the developers give this VN great efforts and we must appreciate it!

Don't you agree that this is an amazing VN because of the interactive stories with interesting world-building and characters?!

Looking for the next update!


To call this vn amazing is an offense. If anything its more of a slogfest that is painful to read and accompany

Your downvotes say otherwise.


Does this VN has a Discord group or maybe the author has a Twitter? All I've found is FA and something called VK, but I'm not registered on any of that

Is anyone else having trouble starting to play the game? I'm playing on android, and when I change the language, it just boots me out the game. Is it on my end or the games?


The game is great! I really enjoy staying with these characters and I find Gunn quite hot~ . Anyway, i really want to see more of this and i hope you guys keep working on this fantastic VN!


I think I'm ok with the long texts of MC's thoughts. You are good at telling stories. And I do find myself a bit sad when finishing the latest update, cuz I have to say goodbye to those friends I made during the adventure.


Played trough it and one of the biggest issues this vn has is that its overlyverbose. And its YIIK levels of overbose! The main character will go on and on with unecessary descriptions and cheap poetry instead of moving the plot foward,few things narrated by him actually matters wich made playing trough this visual novel a slog. If the unecessary dialogue and cheap poetry was teared down it would help out a lot

Deleted post

He will there be an option to hide the underwear or go completely nude in the game? Just curious lol. I love nudist games.


Heh, which character are you referring to?

were you choose your character and clothes before you start the game. It has an option to hide the cloths but the underwear is still there. Wish there was an option to make him completely nude and all others in the game.


Hey, uh... I'm not sure if I did it wrong but I started the game and it's in Russian. Is that supposed to happen? I'm on Mac and I am using the Itch.io Launcher, just for reference.


The third option down is Preferences and once you click on it you can change the language to English in that menu.

Awesome, thanks. I was wondering the same, glad I looked for advise.


it coulda been a better vn, i swear, only bc there are too many texts all at once in the beginning that are unfavorable for reading and progressing... :(


Yes!!! New update, I love your game!


Thanks a lot!  


I really like this visual novel, probably a dumb question but was the android link updated too?

( it appears as 2.1B when you try to download it )

Yes, I just named the file incorrectly. Content updated

okay,  thank you


i need to start playing this more

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Wow I'm early finally an update, i thought this vn is dead, but looks like it's not, times to replay the vn again 


The style of the whole novel looks cool and the characters too! I'll be waiting for the next updates


I really enjoyed playing this a few months ago. I hope that it isn't abandoned. Any news?


a month ago, the author wrote that the update was 80% complete and he only needed to finish the backgrounds and translate into English. So we are waiting for great news.

That IS good news. Thank you!


An update!


Игра действительно затягивает. Интересные механики, персонажи, сюжет. Ждём продолжения. Известно когда оно будет? 

im having trouble starting the game if i try to make my character it just crashes i hope this gets fixed

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