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Embark on a dangerous adventure, overcome all the difficulties of survival in the post-apocalypse world. Create your own unique character and make friends.
And try not to die in a world full of danger!

Project director: Hroft32

Thanks for the help in creating the project: VELIAL1987

This is a demo version of the game. Updates are scheduled once a month. English is not my native language, so don't judge strictly, this is just the first version. We will definitely correct all errors.

Attention! Game rating 18+, contains adult (M/M) content


Join a sandy world soaked through with caked blood, and all this against the backdrop of fame and adventure!


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Rusty_punk-1.4B-pc.zip 336 MB
Rusty_punk-1.4B-linux.tar.bz2 421 MB
Rusty_punk-1.4B-mac.zip 301 MB
Rusty_punk-1.4B-release.apk 329 MB

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I have an issues with the name writing for mobile whenever i type the name for my character the keyboard doesnt go down and the start button doesnt work so i only press start button and never write my custom name

Im having a big issue in the minigame where u have to shot the bandits in the motel on phone or at least for me it is imposible to complete, the sight of the rifle stands in the last place i taped and basicly doesnt move and just apears and disapears like crazy, i managed to only shot one and then the shigt just disapeard and i got the death scene cause i couldnt complete it

This just makes the game imposible to continue on android yall should fix this as soon as posible

yes, I have already received feedback on this bug, thank you very much, in the next update we will fix it

Could you tell me what version of android you have. I checked, everything plays smoothly for me (android 11), the sight does not go to the side if you remove your finger from the screen (later I will post the video and Development log with the update to the android). There is a problem with small targets, I will try to add zoom. Also, I have already added extra time to complete this game.

mine should be 10

Please don't take this the wrong way but there has been alot of mixed messages so I have to ask, is this VN still alive?


yes, updated 2 days ago

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My hope on you never faltered Hroft32! I was checking on here at least twice per week for almost a year, and I'm glad I kept doing it! Oh man it feels like xtmas came early this year!


OMG it's an update!

I hope new version will releases soon.

I really liked the story. It is a pity that it was abandoned. I want to cry. And yes, thanks for the Russian language anyway. Очень благодарен. Надеюсь что проект возобновится. Буду ждать и надеется.

Hm... Is there any way for the Android version to not have the mouse click/cursor in it? It seems to prevent me from progressing from the character creation page.

dead project

Yeah, I figured as much. I was disappointed, the premise was interesting, but not much was happening. Nothing worth justifying being 18+ either.

The game is stil alive.

Source : https://www.furaffinity.net/view/43456765/


Even if it updates again, I won't bother with this game anymore. I checked out the artist's furaffinity gallery and did not like his art style, nor the way he draws nude characters.

I just wanna question before i download it; even thought it only has 2 updates, is it very long, because i like a long story


Currently it is a pretty average story length for how many updates it has. Which is actually pretty good considering how few people have helped create it.

Hi! Sorry to bother you with this but... Can I ask something? Is there any NSFW scenes? Because it's kinda my cup of tea...


Dude, it literally says in the game description 'Attention! Game rating 18+, contains adult (M/M) content', so yes, there obviously will be.


is this project dead? idk but the story really impress.. hope you can keep your work :) 

I was wondering if the project was still ongoing I understand if you need time but it's 5 months already i mean at least a devlog to know if you are still alive :/

Whats happened to this dev first max now this amazing guy too they all leave holes in our hearts that can be filled


He is still alive. He spends a lot of time online on Discord (maybe in background of his computer, idk.) I could message him if I had to about things on there, though I am pretty sure he is still working on it slowly. I think it is a solo project mostly and I know that is a difficult thing to do as I am trying to make a VN myself...

Good, and I hope he know that everyone that loves his vn is missing and worried about him so when you can send our live to him thx ❤︎

Oooh i was wondering why there wasnt many devlogs

Also interested in the Vn your trying to make

Do you have a title for it?


Valenviox.  However it is yet to be even with a first build. Still working on the story let alone the art. My VN is gonna be a team project between me and 2 friends, but one is dealing with school in Malaysia, one lives in Indonesia, and then I (the one doing code) am in the US so it makes things complicated. 


oof that sounds tough

Still pretty cool that you're developing one

I bet it will be great 

I'm on android and I literally can't start the game.  Is there something specific you have to do? I allocated points and picked a name.  Also anytime I try to get rid of the key board after typing a name, it immediately comes back up. Really looking forward to this game! Thanks for working so hard on it!

OWO I hope it continues!






Hey Hroft32, any idea when the next update might happen? Or even a log on the progress of it? I still really love the story and the characters, so I am hoping that it is soon, but I know it is hard to make a vn, especially on your own, so I don't wanna be inpatient. 

Okay how 2 fight? cuz i am fighting a damn wolf and no matter what i did it aways punch me dead

I'm playing on Android, for some reason it's not letting me past the character creation.

i had the same problem, and i found out you can pass it by not inserting a name

I tried that but it wasn't letting me continue 😅


Hey there,

just wanted to say thanks for your work, I really enjoy playing your game!  ^__^

One thing is giving me a hard time though (I might be just too stupid to see a solution here but want to ask anyway): Is there a way to switch auto-forward on and off?  Ô.ò

Thanks for reading and sharing, keep it up!  : 3


I am absolutely in love with the art style, world building and character development of this game, it's one of the few furry vn where I can say I'm attracted to all of the characters, sadly... this project is taking too much time to complete, I just hope it doesn't get abandoned

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Честно, очень неплохая игра, но есть две важные ремарки... 

Во-первых, это очень напоминает В101 по визуальному эффекту.  И в том романе тоже был русский язык (возможно, с переводчика, но я бы усомнился, что онлайн-переводчик делает так много ошибок). 

Во-вторых... автор, родной мой, не уродуй, пожалуйста, русский язык. В тексте много красивых оборотов, но с ними нельзя перебарщивать. Текст драматичный, но иногда кроме смеха и возмущения он ничего больше не вызывает. Если это перевод с английского человеком, не знающим русский, то я снимаю шляпу. А если автор русский, то лучше найти редактора, который вычистит текст от излишеств. 

Это всё не из-за какого-то пренебрежения. Просто очень хочется, чтобы роман держал уровень во всём. Удачи в написании!

согласен,игра не плохая .и я не думал что найду тут Русских

👍nice game, when is the full version coming?


I think not very soon. I think one of these days I will post a topic with progress. But in short, the fourth game day has already been written in half (since the division will be into 2 completely different days, depending on the choice of the companion). Made 2 new characters (but without emotions), another one is required. Made a new background and new music. But one more background is required. And there will also be a delay due to the translation of the text, but after writing the second half to the end)


I spent a lot of time animation the game characters, but trying to implement them into the game was not successful. Perhaps it will work out in the future.

wait why does this remind me of b101 a bit.

This is because i worked on the design b101 :) But the director and creator of the project is gone, I created my own.

aww i see, i love this one too though. keep up the good work !

Do you know what happened to him

Is he dead or missing 😢 ?


The quick time event in which you have to save the fox from the fire unfortunately forced me to quit due to there being too many hits you have to land and no where near enough time to click them.  I hope in a future update this problem will be resolved.


there are cg´s on the game?

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Привет! Молодец хорошая игра Спасибо!!! Обещаю поддерживать регулярно!!!


wtf is the English 

I agree, the random Shakespearean english feels kinda forced, but it doesn't annoy me much

"A representative of his species enters my vision" lol

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Nice game, I'm waiting for continuing. Gunn is pretty hot, I hope it will possible to date with him and choose your role by yourself, so pleeeeeaseeeeee :33

Doesnt Work Keyboard is still bugged . When i click top enter my Name then everything works fine. But.... I cant Close it again and i cant start the game


This is not possible, the error must be fixed. Just click on the window with the name and it will disappear, then click start.


Most likely, you have not assigned talents. Therefore, the start button is blocked.


thx to be unkind to me. I guess I have more talent at mobiles then u dude. That's what i have to do at work . Fixing phones hardware and software. And still I have to report this bug. So nothing wrong with my comment 

This was a very short update


does the game have NSFW scenes ? and if you don't have any plan to insert?


There is one that I know of. But that is all so far

Good luck with the translation :З


Dead? Like the other game?

A shame if it is cause both games where great


nope, an update just happened


🤦🏽‍♂️"Sigh"  Emm... Hroft32 what about New I just wait this New Update is Long time I Want to See This Bull storyline but lt Has Passed 90 Days 😓


When will it get updated? It's more then a month ago. And the android version doesn't work at the start (character create)


I'm using android as well, you gotta change the keyboard type in the keyboard settings.

I did before. But still thx. I just reported the bug 


I downloaded the game on android. The keyboard keeps popping up at the character design screen. I couldn't customise my character


Same here :(


When is this going to be updated?


The update will be in a week, or monday, but there isn't much new text. About 12 pages


Unfortunately, the update will be postponed for some time. The text is finished. But I do not expect that the translation will take some time.

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